We’re a group of Bay Area residents, many of us in the arts ourselves, dedicated to making a place in the city for people in the arts. We have watched the slow, steady bleed of talented friends and colleagues in creative fields to other cities, and we’ve seen what happens when our artists are forced into insecure locations, as in the case of the Ghostship fire. We’ve found this practical way to do something about it.

Board and Advisory Members

P Segal, the founder and director of Bohemia Redux, has been a life-long part of San Francisco’s arts community. A writer and editor, she has contributed to many books in print and has written for numerous magazines, Internet journals, and websites. For 20 years, she maintained an unofficial Art House in the Western Addition, in the 4800 square foot Edwardian flat at 1907 Golden Gate. This place was a center of activity for the formerly large community of local artists and the San Francisco Cacophony Society. The move of Burning Man to the Nevada desert was planned in this flat for the first three years. She owned the San Francisco restaurant, Caffe Proust, and she is currently a writer and life coach, specializing in working with creative personalities.

Nancy Frank, artist and organizer, was a central figure in the South of Market arts community in its heyday, and the founder of her own arts nonprofit, which she ran for 20 years. She has received numerous NEA grants, as well as grants from other sources, and she is a recognized authority on bay area artists.

Mark Rennie is a San Francisco attorney, artist, and owner of The Flytrap Restaurant.
A founder of The Eyes and Ears Foundation, dedicated to promoting the arts in San Francisco, Marc joins our board as our fiscal sponsor.

Joseph Tobener is a tenants’ attorney in San Francisco, and the managing partner of Tobener Ravenscroft LLC. Joseph represented many of the artists’ collectives that have faced evictions in recent years, and in the process, offered his support to this project for artists’ housing.

Dana Harrison began her career in the financial services industry. She has served as the Vice President for Bank of America’s U.S. Wholesale Services, and Vice President of Corporate Customer Services for World Banking Group. She is currently the CFO and de facto CEO of Theatre Bay Area, the country’s largest regional theater service organization. She has established her own theater company, built artists’ live/work spaces in Oakland, and applied her skills to numerous philanthropic and artistic ventures.

Dr. Karen Sue Rolph received both her Master’s and PhD from Stanford University, and she is currently teaching in the San Francisco Unified School District. She is a professional anthropologist who has taught at several bay area universities. Prior to her academic career, she was a San Francisco fashion designer and clothing manufacturer, chosen twice by the State Department to represent the United States in international trade expositions.

Catherine Van Hoesen has been a violinist with the San Francisco Symphony for the last 30 years. She is an internationally celebrated teacher of musical professionals, who has been highlighted in the world music press for her exceptional teaching abilities. She is also an instructor at the city’s Conservatory of Music.

Whitney Deatherage is a Strategic Planning Consultant for nonprofits and art organizations. Until recently, she was the associate director of operations at the Long Now Foundation.

Ronni Randall-Wright is a graphic artist and former partner in the San Francisco agency, Randall-Wright Design. Over the last 15 years, she has worked as a fundraiser for the Oakland public schools and had a consultancy for school applications and education loans.

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